Aspect Imaging

Embrace Neonatal MRI System – the first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device specifically for neonatal brain and head imaging in neonatal intensive care units (NICU)

DandleLION Medical

Neurodevelopmental Care and Positioning Products for the NICU, Nursery, and PICU, along with organic skincare products.

  • DandleROO and DandleROO Lite
  • DandleWRAP Stretch
  • KISSES 100% Organic sucrose solution and Sweet Cheeks Glucose.

DRW Medical

NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor that continuously measures and monitors mean airway pressure in neonatal and pediatric patients being treated with pressure therapies such as Bubble CPAP (BCPAP) and Nasal High Flow (NHF).

Fisher & Paykel

A market leading designer and manufacturer of neonatal and pediatric respiratory solutions.

GBUK Enteral

A dynamic and innovative company specializing in high quality products specific to nutrition and medication delivery.

  • ENFit/ISO compliant enteral safety products (syringes, NG Tubes, Extension Sets)
  • Pharmacy Syringes (sterile & bulk packaging)

International Biomedical

Global market leader in infant transport, with incubators for in-house transport as well as ground and air transport.

  • AirBorne Voyager and Aviator – Air and Ground Transport Incubators
  • AirBorne 750i – In-house Transport Incubator
  • BiliCocoon – Fiberoptic LED Phototherapy System facilitating Kangaroo Care
  • TecoTherm – Full body neonatal cooling system.
  • NeoView Neonatal Intubation System.

Kirlin Lighting

Medical lighting manufacturer specializing in LED recessed medical fixtures for the L&D suite, NICU, and Cath Lab.


Hospital furniture manufacturer that has merged hospitality and healthcare design to provide a more relaxed, home-like feel to the patient room. Materials and seamless design facilitate ease of cleaning to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.

  • Bassinets (fixed and height adjustable)
  • Specialty Carts (delivery and fetal monitor carts)
  • Overbed Tables (low base design with seamless KYDEX tops)

Trademark Medical

Specializes in customized oral care and colostrum kits for VAP and VAE prevention bundles to adhere to CDC guidelines.

  • Swabs specifically designed for neonatal and pediatric oral care.
  • Low absorption swabs designed for colostrum delivery and care.
  • Custom kits incorporating items to facilitate oral care protocols.


WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes. WaterWipes contain 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they are safe to use on delicate newborn babies’ skin. Our wipe material is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% viscose, which makes 20% of our wipe biodegradable.

WaterWipes are suitable for sensitive, newborn, and premature baby’s skin. WaterWipes are recommended by midwives* for helping to prevent the causes of diaper rash or skin allergies.

WaterWipes are manufactured under clean room conditions using a unique purifying technology. The water passes through a seven-step purification process that uses a series of filters to remove impurities, soften and purify the water. This process makes the water significantly purer than cooled boiled water. This purifying technology produces a unique product that effectively cleanses the skin, without the need for several additional cleansing ingredients. This makes WaterWipes an ideal choice for neonatal units who wish to offer the most delicate clean for their babies.

*Source: A survey conducted with 403 healthcare professionals at AWHONN 2019

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